Summer herbs for birds

Want to give your birds a special herb treat over summer? Here's a selection of greens you can grow and harvest that will keep them very happy.

A luxury little hen house

This is a blog for the Fancy Farmgirl and this post in particular is about her quite stunning hen house. I don't think male readers will get it, and I must confess I am struggling a bit too, although the idea of a chandelier really does appeal!

Click hear to take a walk through her amazing hen house.

Poultry: why won't my hens use their perches?

Problem: two new hens who are happy to lay in the nest boxes in the hen house, but at night choose to perch in trees outside, even in cold, rainy weather.

Poultry Profile: Welsummer

The Welsummer
Breed type: light
Egg production: 200-250 brown-dark brown eggs
Mature weight: 2.5-3.2kg

Poultry Profile: Hamburg

Breed type:    Light
Colours:    Gold & silver spangled, Gold pencilled
Mature weight:    1.8kg
Characteristics:    non-broody
Egg production:    150-200 white eggs

Poultry Profile: Orpington

Breed type: heavy dual purpose
Colours: Black, buff, white
Mature weight: 3.5-4.5kg
Temperament: docile, chicks can be underdogs in mixed coops
docile; diurnal; capable of limited flight and can be seen roosting in trees at night
Egg production: 200-250 eggs

Poultry Profile: Sussex

The Sussex
Breed type: dual purpose (eggs and meat)
Temperament: alert, good foragers
Egg production: 200-250 tinted eggs