Summer herbs for birds

Want to give your birds a special herb treat over summer? Here's a selection of greens you can grow and harvest that will keep them very happy.
 Nasturtiums are a favourite treat, along with garlic chives, clover, nettles, turnips and pesky pasture weed purslane.

Spare cabbage will always be disposed of and is an excellent vege to grow through winter as a supplement for your birds. Note, too much cabbage, turnip or kale (and other members of the mustard family) can make an egg taste strange if fed out in large quantities.

If you have an area of a pen to resow, try a mix of oats, peas, rape and red clover. Harrow the oats and peas in quite deeply, then sprinkle the clover and rape over the top and lightly scratch in with a hoe.

Cooked potatoes are a good treat, especially if you are fattening birds for the pot.

Nadene Hall

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  1. i've read some great debates about feeding uncooked rice to the chooks, I would think in small quantities it would be fine. What do you think?