Got a question?

Sue’s sick chicken checklist

If you want help, answer the questions on the checklist below and talk to your vet.
Alternatively, you can contact NZ Lifestyle Block magazine poultry expert Sue Clarke by emailing or writing to Lifestyle Block, PO Box 12965, Penrose, Auckland 1642.

  • Age of bird?   
  • Breed?   
  • Sex?   
  • Your location?   
  • How is your bird housed?
  • What symptoms have you noticed?
  • What are your bird’s droppings like?
  • What is its breathing like?
  • Have its eating habits changed?
  • Has its condition changed?
  • Has its behaviour changed?
  • Has its mobility changed?
  • What is your normal worming regime?
    - when was the bird last wormed?
    -  what with?
    - was a follow-up dose given?   
  • Have you administered any other medications recently?