Poultry Profile: Hamburg

Breed type:    Light
Colours:    Gold & silver spangled, Gold pencilled
Mature weight:    1.8kg
Characteristics:    non-broody
Egg production:    150-200 white eggs

This graceful bird has a bit of a mystery past, with breeds fitting its description going back hundreds of years, making it one of the oldest poultry breeds on record.

There is also some confusion about its origins with some claiming its un-named ancestors originated in the north of England, others adamant it was developed in Hamburgh and Holland. Its more modern colours and shape were definitely refined by British bird breeders of the 1800s, who enjoyed the “pheasant fowl” as it was known.
The Hamburgh’s most unusual feature is its delicate rose-coloured comb and it is known for being an easy keeper.

It is traditionally known as a prolific layer although its eggs are slightly smaller than average. The bird itself is quite small, almost ornamental in nature, but it is considered a layer breed.

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  1. Where can one access this breed (ready to lay ) if you live in orewa, Auckland?